Working one-on-one with Luca

One-on-one life and mind coaching sessions in person or via FaceTime/Zoom
Luca Bosurgi's one-on-one Mind Fitness program is a proven step-by-step process that merges life and emotions management coaching with mind-healing and training. Each session combines conscious teachings with Cognitive Guided Meditations™ (CGM) a subliminal mind training, detoxing and enhancement, delivered in a deep meditational state. The Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method™ stems from the mind-training methodology used by the Tibetan monks for centuries. The results are fast, life-changing and long-lasting.

Why working with Luca?

Luca Bosurgi sees everyone's mind as a powerful equipment, created to be naturally healthy, peaceful, clear and highly performing. However, if unmanaged and emotionally unfulfilled, the mind performs poorly, struggling with anxiety, confusion and fear.

Fortunately, the self-healing power of the mind is extraordinary fast, and do not require years in therapy to find balance and happiness. With proper guidance, mind management and emotional fulfillment, the mind restores efficiency in a very short time.

Luca's sessions will help you to

  • remove the root-causes of anxiety,
  • clear traumas and other perceptional mistakes,
  • synchronizes cognitive responses with unconscious,
  • cease AED (Adult Emotional Dependency), reducing or clearing the symptoms related to the ‘need of others’ for emotional fulfillment,
  • gain emotional self-reliance,
  • restore balance, youth and energy in your body,
  • learn mind management,
  • clarify your identity and life purpose.
  • activate your natural emotional flow and happiness, allowing to embrace unconditional love.

Luca's process helps you to upgrade your mind's perception and priorities, and consequently your behavioral choices - a much faster and effective approach than the traditional therapy that aims to change behaviors without addressing the natural mind's needs.

Symptoms reduced or cleared by the Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method®: anxiety | stress | fear of judgment, rejection, abandonment | unwarranted fears | addictions | feeling overwhelmed and tired | depression | eating disorders | poor performances | people ‘pleaser’ | self-doubt | neediness | self-focus | inadequacy | social anxiety | poor confidence | lacking an identity | feeling a fraud and a failure | being a child in a world of adults | dependency in relationships | loneliness and solitude | loss of spirit-mind connection | panic attacks | anger | an inferiority complex | antisocial tendencies | emotional and spiritual numbness and more…

You can book your free consultation with Luca here or calling +1 (352) 556-4072

    I’ve never met anyone who can so effectively give someone the tools to live their life with confidence quite like Luca!

    John Begakis“I’ve never met anyone who can so effectively give someone the tools to live their life with confidence quite like Luca.Without his help I would not have the success I have today, which stems solely from an ability to love myself and be confident in all aspects of my life – things that Luca enabled me to do.” John Begakis – Attorney.

    The one-on-one program

    The one-on-one program, create by Luca Bosurgi with 30 years of clinical research and tested with over 5000 clients, has demonstrated in the last years a constant success rate of 95% with results exceeding clients' expectations.

    It consists in 3 courses of 13 sessions each. Each session of 60 minutes sees a combination of 40 minutes of life and mind coaching followed by 20 minutes of Cognitive Guided Meditation™ (CGM), a proprietary cognitive mind-training in the form of guided meditations.

    • Basic
      •  clears proactive and reactive anxiety, stress and fear
      •  establishes self-reparenting and self-leadership
      •  removes traumas and terminates Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).
      • promotes emotions and thoughts management
    • Intermediary (Imprints and Mind Surgery) strengthens the progress of the basic course, clears false unconscious decisions and recurring patterns,  targets still unresolved traumas and residual individual-specific issues.
    • Advanced – these are bespoken programs aiming to further optimize the thinking and the believes, master emotions, and build the perfect synchrony with the mind.

      My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session

      Christine Woo“If you’re reading this- the answer is -yes, do this for yourself. Go. Luca’s method is very effective and he wants to help you. My PTSD was gone after the 1st targeted session- I really couldn’t believe it but I encountered multiple triggers that NIGHT and the response was gone (and still is). The series of sessions has changed my life in myriad ways for the better and best of all-it’s given me tools I can use for the rest of my upgraded life.” -Christine Wu – Violinist/Composer

      What to expect?


      Clarity, self-reliance, happiness, high-performance. The Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® helps train, clear and optimize the mind, removing unnecessary emotional blockages. This is obtained by establishing the natural self-leadership and self-reliance, resetting obsolete emotional programming and imbalances, terminating Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) and improving emotions, thoughts and feelings management. The process consequently clears the associated mental struggles and byproducts, ie. anxiety, fear, low confidence, overwhelm, depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, procrastination, etc. Most importantly it frees misused brainpower, which can be reinvested into confidence, high performance and happiness.

      Emotional Disorders: showing a rapid decrease of anxiety, fear, depression and alcohol/drugs abuse.

       Emotional dependency: removing codependency, fear of judgment, rejection and neediness, boosting emotional self-reliance and confidence, and allowing stable relationships and fulfilling love.

      Constrained personal powers: promoting dramatic enhancements in the areas of efficiency, creativity, proactivity, energy, attractiveness and happiness,  as well as substantial improvements in the academic, athletic, artistic and professional achievements.

      2. Physical

      The peaceful mind’s environment attained by the method discontinues the unnecessary releases of Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine, which are the powerful hormones used by the brain to respond to danger in the "fight, freeze or flight" process. This frees the body from the intoxication and the muscular tensions produced by the hormones released in the body, allowing noticeable physical improvements. Clients has reported reduction of muscular and back pain, headache and gastro-intestinal conditions – improved sleep and stamina, and substantial enhancements in physical health, complexion and attractiveness.

      The new relationship established by clients with their own mind and body, and the unconditional acceptance, pride and love of self, promotes rejuvenation, weight loss, physical and sexual drive, proper food habits, etc.

      3. Spiritual

      The method helps clients to establish the vertical hierarchy spirit-mind-body, essential for balance, efficiency and happiness.  Clients, through the process reconnect with their spiritual higher-self and with God's unconditional love, enhance their psychic gifts and embrace the daily reality with the power of being proactive, present and available to the world around them. This is an essential part of the Bosurgi Mind Fitness™ method.

      The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous!

      “The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous. Our similar survival instincts and co-dependency behavior traits were threatening to tear us apart. These sessions have brought us closer together and opened us up to communicating in a healthy and positive way. I am forever grateful and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to cut the umbilical cord of past triggers and find their true self. Embarking on the journey of the Mind Fitness is a must for everyone! Thanks Luca! ” Pepper Carlson – TV Shows Producer.

      The step-by-step 13-session Self-Parenting basic program

      Consultation: 30-45 minutes

      * During this consultation you will revise with Luca your symptoms, your needs and goals, you will learn about the mind and the Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® program and assess if the method is suitable for you.  The initial consultation is free and required to be admitted to the program.

      Sessions 1: Anamnesis and Release of Reactive Anxiety and Fear I
      • After an initial conversation about your symptoms and important life events, the 1st session will ease your mind into the Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® program introducing you to your unconscious mind and to the first Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® technique used to release reactive anxiety and fear.

      Sessions 2-3: Release of Reactive Anxiety and Fear II -III
      • These 2 sessions help your mind release unwanted anxiety and fear. This vital initial step aims to reduce the inefficient activity of your brain, freeing brainpower required to progress with the mind training.

      Sessions 4-7: Releasing of Proactive Anxiety & Fear - Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) 
      • Sessions 4 to 7 help your mind accept and embrace what is natural and long past due emotional self-reliance. The release of Adult Emotional Dependency is one of the main steps of the basic training. I notice substantial changes in most clients during or immediately after this group of sessions.

      Sessions 8-10: Building a Framework for Self-Reliance
      • These sessions capitalize on the mind's new-found willingness to establish and enhance emotional independence. These sessions are crucial to create the framework for your new self-reliant behaviors.

      Sessions 11-12: Journeys of Forgiveness - Release Self-judgment, Shame, Guilt & Regret - Self-forgiveness and Release Judgment, Blame, Resentment, Anger & Pain and Forgive others.
      • The sessions 11-12 focus on the successful processing of your past experiences, associated with yourself and to others. The aim is to remove negative emotional attachments with the past. This process frees furthermore misused brainpower and enhances your relationship with yourself and with the relevant people of your past.

      Sessions 13: Release of Reactive anxiety and fears
      • The last session completes the basic program, focusing on the release of lingering unwanted anxiety and fear.

      You can book your free consultation with Luca here or calling +1 (352) 556-4072

      I will not only recommend this to everyone

      David Waltom - Mind Fitness“I will not only recommend Luca to everyone, I have recommended he to everyone” David Walton – Actor

      You own your mind, you are not owned by your mind!

      CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

      The mind is highly efficient and always seeks the best options

      Your mind belongs to you, is perfect and always tries to provide you with the safest and most efficient life. If it doesn’t, it’s because your mind is unguided and confused.

      CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

      Mental struggles are the consequences of an unguided and unloved mind

      An unloved and unmanaged mind feels like an abandoned kid, anxious, confused, scared, overwhelmed, angry and depressed.

      CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

      The mind requires your leadership and love to operate efficiently

      A well trained and cared mind, has all the needed resources to love, create, succeed, be empowered, highly performing and unconditionally happy.