Adult Emotional Dependency (AED)

Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) is a recently discovered mental condition found in adults. The condition is caused by the abnormal continuation of Emotional Dependency, a natural instinctual behavior vital in childhood.

Adult emotional dependency (AED) affects a large segment of society and is often the root-cause of many forms of anxiety and fear. AED can lead to different conditions such as generalized anxiety, anxiety from a lack of safety, feeling judged or rejected, feelings of confidence issues, performance anxiety, social anxiety,  anger, isolation, need for attention, addiction to alcohol or drugs, depression, feeling overwhelmed and tired.

The Bosurgi Mind Fitness program helps its students to apply Emotional Independence and Mind Management, which are key aspects in dealing with Adult Emotional Dependency (AED), PTSD, confusion, feeling overwhelmed and lost, emotional pain and the related consequences. You can read more about Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) on Luca Bosurgi's AED page, click here