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Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method

Group Class Courses  (For the Mind Fitness program one-on-one with Luca click here)

We are a school of mind management and emotional self-reliance. The Bosurgi Mind Fitness (BMF) programs are the foundation of our school.

The BMF curriculum combines life and mind coaching programs with Cognitive Guided Meditation™ (CGM).

   The program teaches mind management. This helps organize the mind, clear emotional struggles, negative thoughts and mental loops, enhances confidence, produces a much calmer and clearer mind, promotes focus, personal powers, stamina, happiness and success in every aspect of life.

   In addition, this natural, fast and enjoyable processes typically clear the most common causes of unchartered anxiety and fear, resolving Adult Emotional Dependency (AED), targeting faulty unconscious decisions, clearing traumas and PTSD, and rebooting the overactive survival system.

This method was created and refined throughout the last 30 years by Luca Bosurgi with over 5,000 clients, proving a consistent and long-lasting success rate exceeding clients’ expectation.

Mind Fitness program comprise of 4 levels:

1st level: In this level we learn how to establish the proper relationship with self. Establishing Emotional self-reliance and reducing or clearing some of the reactive anxiety and fear.

2nd level: In this level we focus on Emotional Independence, clearing Adult Emotional Dependency (AED), and establishing an emotionally independent relationship with 'others’. This reduces or clears the anxiety and fear originated by the need of ‘others’ as provider of leadership, appreciation, and love. In addiction we establish the foundation of mind management.

3rd level: At this stage we focus on clearing the mind, enhancing mind management, learning how to organize, manage, clear and free the mind, improving focus, personal power, success, and joy of life.

4th level: Here is when we work on students’ specific cases, PTSD, unwanted behaviors, stubborn anxiety and fears, work, parental, relationship or performance issues, etc.

To move to the next level, student must show attendance of the actual stage classes, shows readiness and pass a level assessment.  Each assessment will grant to the student a Mind Fitness completion certificate and the right to use in their email signature. website and social media the Mind Fitness Tribe seal.

We are establishing specialized course classes for parenthood, couple issues, athletic performance, dating, youth issues, wealth, love, success, spiritual connections, personal powers, artistic enhancement, customer service and more.

We will also offer to the students holding the 3rd certification level, a program aiming to help rebuilding the behavioral system. This are Cognitive Guided Meditations (CGM) engineered to assist the mind in the process of reviewing the memory bank on a yearly basis, from before birth to now. This technique helps the mind to reshape the perceptions of past events and to reconstruct the consequent behaviors, with the results of updating the behavioral system to the today's mind experience and believes.  The process helps to eliminate traumas, PTSD, false or obsolete past believes, confusion, and unchartered anxiety and fear.

Successful students that have completed the first 3 courses and at least 20 of the 4th level classes can apply for the Bosurgi Mind Fitness Coach certification course.

Free Q&A/Orientation with Luca Bosurgi every Monday 5:30pm at the Spring Hill FL Studio or via Zoom, book your spot here!

Luca has changed my outlook on all situations.

Luca has changed my outlook on all situations. I came to see him to help with baseball and how to use what I knew to make a difference in my game. What I learned were life lessons on how to better approach all challenging situations in my life. Not only am I playing better but I am more confident in every aspect of my life. Luca is warm and friendly and so knowledgable. He is very special and I thank him!” Will Bucksbaum – Student & Athlete Genbook

"Trying to change the behaviors that are causing your anxiety, addiction or depression, without addressing and shifting the needs and priorities of your mind, is like fighting with a giant rubber band that constantly pushes you back, preventing you from making stable progress."  

 Cognitive Guided Meditations™ (CGM)

Cognitive Guided Meditation™ (CGM) is the Bosurgi Mind Fitness proprietary subliminal mind training, detoxing and enhancement delivered in a deep meditational state. Luca Bosurgi has identified a language that the mind understands, appreciates and acts upon.

Each exercise is tailor-made to naturally help your mind to clear, detox and enhance specific areas of your cognitive mental system. Your mind aims to give you the best possible service, and therefore will happily perform the suggested exercises if believes that they are beneficial.

During the Cognitive Guided Meditations (CGM) you will lay comfortably on a yoga matt with closed eyes. You will listen to the voice of the Mind Fitness Coach that will help you to relax your body with simple visualizations and then guide your mind with easy  subliminal exercises to achieve the expected results.

Subliminal exercises are carried out by your mind without your conscious effort. Please don't worry if you fall asleep, become distracted or you don't catch some of the Mind Fitness Coach's words; your mind never sleeps, thus capturing all available data and knows what to do with it.

"Your mind is perfect and engineered by nature to keep you safe and is highly efficient! However, it requires your guidance and your love to function successfully. Without, it gets easily lost, confused, anxious, scared or overactive." 

Life Coaching

Group life coaching classes for people aged 13+ years* old. This Q&A classes, coached by Luca Bosurgi, cover most of life coaching topics with the exclusion of emotional self-reliance and mind mangement, which are covered in the Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method™ classes. Politic and religion are also excluded.

Some of the topics and issues covered:
- Occupation/work
- Academic
- Sport
- Business
- Relationship with family, friends, colleagues.
- Couples
- Parenthood
- Sexuality
- Life and daily experiences
-Time management
- Work smart not hard (minimum effort, maximum result)
- Use of the proper mind tools
- Happiness
- Goals
- Purposes
- Basic introduction about the mind and mind management

*A presence of an adult is required for students 13-18 years old. (First class only)

Luca Bosurgi is a very special man!

Rebecca simonLuca Bosurgi is a very special man.“Luca blessed with a divine grace that you will only understand when in his presence. He has completely changed my life forever. I know something now, which Luca has helped me to achieve, that I have never known before. I have access a source of strength inside my mind that was always there – but Luca showed me how to use it. The deep love and happiness I have found through working with Luca is truly awe-inspiring. I will never be able to fully articulate the gift that Luca has shared with me. I give Luca my highest recommendation and only hope that he will continue to do his good work for others for as along as he can.” Rebecca Simon – Professor of Law. Genbook

"A well trained and cared mind, has all the needed resources to love, create, succeed, be empowered, highly performing and unconditionally happy."

Mind Fitness Coach Certification

Mind Fitness Space Spring Hill is the first location of the Mind Fitness Network™, we are planning to open locations around the US and internationally. Our certified Mind Fitnes Coaches will have the opportunity to teach Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method™ in Spring Hill and in any other Mind Fitness Network™ location.

Successful students that has completed the first 3 courses and at least 20 of the 4th level classes can apply for the Mind Fitness Coach certification course.

"Your mind belongs to you, is perfect and always tries to provide you with the safest and most efficient life. If it doesn’t, it’s because your mind is unguided and confused." 


'Mens sana in corpore sano' it's latin and translates 'a sound mind in a sound body. Meaning that the quality of your thinking, your mood, your emotions and your ability to manage your mind, therefore your life, largely depends from the overall health of your  brain and body. In the same way you would not fuel your car with inadeguate gasoline, you need to do the same with your body, choosing carefully what and how much food and liquid do you intake.  Nutrition will help you choosing the proper fuel for your body, our  certified nutrition experts will tailor-made programs specific to your body and goals, this include weight-loss, fitness, detox, skin and hair  rejuvenation, energy, stamina and more...

"Codependent love is self-centered and egotistical because it is based on need.
Self-sufficient and independent love is powerful and pure, since it is based on emotional choices." 

Conscious Breathwork

Breathwork is an active form of meditation that allows us to disconnect from the mind and be guided by our body and heart. As we breathe out thoughts, beliefs, memories, actions that do not support our growth, we return to our wholeness and feel more equipped to handle stress, anxiety, and lingering trauma.

Why is breathwork so powerful?

Breathwork supports so many of the challenges everyone experiences. It reduces stress, creates feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection. Breathwork also helps release trauma or mental, physical, and emotional blocks, as well as anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and anger.

Can breathwork heal trauma?

Conscious breathing and breathwork can help process and release the experiences of trauma. Just as breathwork has many positive effects on alleviating anxiety and managing stress, trauma for breathwork can help heal, release, and restore aspects of ourselves that are impacted by traumatic events.

"An unloved and unmanaged mind feels like an abandoned kid, anxious, confused, scared, overwhelmed, angry and depressed."