The Mind

The Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method™ Blueprint of the Mind
Mind Structure


Your higher self - the real you.

The intelligent bio-software that operates your physical equipment with the overriding purpose of keeping you safe and efficient.

Intelligent Agent (Genius)
In Artificial Intelligence this is the module that manages the interest system. In this schematic represents the second in command under You. Genius operates, manages and controls all functions of the mind. This is the voice with which you interact throughout the day – the manager of your equipment – the executor of your requests.

Proactive functions installed in the mind (DNA) to promote and secure:

  1. Survival: all physical and emotional needs as well as the fight or flight system.
  2. Development: Learning and gaining of knowledge - improving efficiency
  3. Fulfillment: happiness, creativity, goals, hobbies, spiritual etc.
  4. Reproduction: relationships and children (continuation of the human species)

Emotions and Feelings
Tools and processes used by the instincts to gain their objectives.

Involuntary programs installed (DNA) to regulate bodily functions i.e. Respiration, hearth beat, digestion, reproduction of the skin, immune system, etc.

Module that processes your analysis of the available options.

Module that processes your personal vision of life's events. This is determined by numerous factors, experience, intelligence, evolution, emotional freedom, cultural and religious influences, available brainpower, etc.

Behavioral System
Library of Behaviors used by the Intelligent Agent to operate the mind and body. These are scripts created and updated throughout life according to our perception of our daily events. The purpose of behaviors is to respond to instinctual request with a set of organized instructions trained, corrected and refined through success and failures.

Memory Bank
Data Storage Bank – index and stores all data collected from the events of your life. The stored event includes the “actual” event or raw data, the perceptions you had during the event, the decisions you made, the behaviors you used and the outcome of these behaviors. The memory bank is queried millions of times daily to activate existing behaviors or create new behaviors.

Bio-Equipment operated by the mind to carry out any and all physical acts – transportation, data collection, procreation, etc…

Brain (Central Nervous System)
The bio-hardware that stores and processes the mind and interfaces it with the body. The brains role is to store information, process information and interface information between the mind and the body.

The brain’s capacity to process the mind’s requests.