the number one disorder of our time

anxiety by CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

  • Anxiety is a NATURAL human response to a foreseen danger, it becomes crippling when it escalates to fear.
  • Anxiety should be experienced ONLY in rear occasions. Frequent anxiety is NOT the normal consequence of modern society or a psychological illness.
  • Anxiety is the CAUSE of depression, addictions, poor-performance, unfulfilling relationships, social and confidence issues and much more...
  • Anxiety is the BY-PRODUCT of
  • Healing anxiety with LONG-LASTING results do NOT require a long and painful process.
  • Anxiety management, meditation and drugs are TEMPORARY solutions and do NOT resolve the ROOT-CAUSES of anxiety.
  • The Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® is a Mind-Training program that targets the ROOT-CAUSES of anxiety.
  • This is obtains in JUST 3-5 WEEKS, implementing and  emotional self-reliance, enhancing thoughts and emotions management, clearing psychological traumas and ending the devastating Adult Emotional Dependency (AED).
  • ANXIETY-FREE living allows psychological and physical health, high-performance, creativity, fulfilling relationships,  consistent parenting and happiness.

Anxiety is NOT an illness

anxiety by CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

  • In the adult U.S. population 54% of women and 46% of men experience anxiety disorder. (Source: ADAA)  *This stats raises to 70-85% if extended to the general population suffering undiagnosed anxiety.
  • Over 78.6 million Americans numb their brains with psychiatric drugs to cope with anxiety .(Source:IMS Health)
  • Alcoholism is the first largest mental health care problem in the world today, depression is second, and social anxiety is third. (Source: SAA) * Alcoholism and depression are direct consequences of anxiety disorder.
  • By 2020, mental disorders and substance abuse together will surpass all physical disorders as the major cause of disability worldwide. (Source: SAMHSA)

These shocking numbers are defining anxiety as the number one disorder of our time. So, what is this dragon that chokes our society and most people around us?

Anxiety is a natural and beneficial response the mind uses to warn us of impending danger. This means that if our minds detect imminent problems, then it will employ anxiety to compel us to take action in some way or other. This could be seen as a kind of 'alarm bell', alerting us to do something about the forthcoming trouble. It doesn't include any physical symptoms.

When we can’t make decisions, a host of emotions can overwhelm us. Fear takes over our thought process and unlocks a response for ‘fight or flight’, releasing stress hormones like cortisol, adrenalin and norepinephrine. When these are left unused in the body, it can manifest itself as digestive problems, muscle pain, hypertension and fatigue over time; this will eventually deteriorate into vicious mental cycles such as procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, poor performance, addictions and depression.

If anxiety is a healthy feeling used by the mind to prevent trouble, what troubles can cause such a relentless feeling of stress and anxiety?

Reactive Anxiety vs. Proactive Anxiety

anxiety by CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

Two main causes of anxiety: reactive or proactive.

  • Reactive is the anxiety that response to a real or imaginary threat, to something that feels dangerous.
  • Proactive is the anxiety that response to the generalized feeling of being vulnerable and unprotected.

Reactive anxiety. Our mind has a defensive program that has the task to protect us from potential hazards. This program recovers from our life experiences a list of emotional and physical hazards, things like fire, tiger, rejection, eviction, failure, etc. This list is constantly matched with all what we see, hear, smell, think or feel. If one of the listed threat is immediatly present, the survival system activates an instantaneous fight-or-flight response, no thinking time, just action. If instead the threat is imminent but not yet present, the survival system activates anxiety.

Unfortunately, this list holds a large amount of  false threats. These may be wrong data received from our parents, how many of you is frighten of spiders because your mom was petrified in front of them; or may be items or situations that we mistakenly perceived as dangerous, this are often caused by traumatic experiences (PTSD); or eventually threats that where effectively dangerous in the past but today are harmless.  If one or more of these false threats are in our daily life, our survival system will keep us constantly in a status of emergency.

The other cause of anxiety, is the proactive anxiety caused by feeling unprotected and vulnerable. In my opinion the proactive anxiety is responsible for most of the actual psychological crisis. This condition is caused by Adult Emotional Dependencyy(AED). In simple words, the proactive anxiety is a natural feature built in children minds securing their safety. It’s not always present, it only becomes active if the child feels unprotected.  If you have children, you have certainly witness your child panicking if you or some someone trustful is not present. This sense of vulnerability is meant to terminate around puberty, but it only happens if we become emotionally self-reliant, which is not the case for most.  Therefore, we maintain throughout life, the unconscious feeling of a dangerous vulnerability. This creates constant anxiety.

In simple words, our mind is naturally healthy, we are in rather safe world, therefore anxiety should be rear or not existent in our lives. If we experience recurring anxiety, we are not ill and we should not take drugs for it, we should instead focus removing the root-causes of the condition. Which is the only solution that grants long lasting results.

The root-causes of anxiety

The 3 main root-causes of your anxiety (if you are not in a war-zone) are:

  1. Dependency from the world around you. - Adult Emotional Dependency (AED) : If you depend for emotional support from 'others' - this vulnerability makes 'others' potentially dangerous to you, this produces fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of abandonment, lack of confidence, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety...
  2. Unmanaged thoughts and emotions. Un unmanaged mind sees mental loops, chaos, confusion and constant painful anxiety, a managed mind is a powerful, clear end efficient mind.
  3. Psychological traumas. If your mind, due to unprocessed past experiences, identify safe events as dangerous, your 'fight or flight' response will be triggered unnecessarily throughout your daily life.
  4. Organic unbalances. Not mind related,

Anxiety can drain most of your brainpower

Anxiety - CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

Anxiety and fear are managed by your survival system. Your brain prioritizes survival over every other functions. Thus, if you feel  under attack (fight or flight),  your brain will invest most of your brainpower to face the potential danger. Survival should be used only for rear and real emergencies; unfortunately, our society has trained us to use it for most tasks.  This missus of your brainpower may result in one or more of the here after consequences:

By-products of anxiety

Overwhelmed: 60-80% of your brainpower may be used by your anxiety and fear. The remaining brainpower is not enough to process your thoughts successfully and have a clear mind.

Procrastination: 40-60% of your brainpower may be used by your anxiety and fear. You mind has to make a choice, start a new project or use the fraction of the available brainpower  to deal with the current tasks.

Depression: 80-95% of your brainpower may be used by your anxiety and fear. The remaining brainpower is not enough to process the essential daily tasks, thus you are frozen. As soon as you remove unwanted/false 'threats' from your life, depression will fade away.

Alcohol and drug abuse: alcohol and drugs are survival suppressants. Your mind uses these options to suppress your survival and to free braipower. As soon as you remove unwanted  'threats' from your life, addictions will fade away.

Poor performance: 
60-80% of your brainpower may be used by your anxiety and fear. Only a fraction of your potential is allocated to performance. Clearing your fear will automatically improve your performance in every aspect of your life. This includes work, school, sport, creativity, relationships, etc.

'others' are considered too dangerous from your survival; thus, it forces you to avoid the risk. Clear your dependency from 'others' and your isolation will terminate.

Social Anxiety: same as above.

Poor confidence and self-esteem:
 you can only feel judged or rejected if you give power to 'others' to judge you or reject you. Clear your need of 'others' for your emotional fulfillment, your survival will quiet and your confidence will rise.

Chronic anger:
anger is a survival response to feel cornered and scared.  Remove  your need of 'others' for approval and  emotional fulfillment, your survival will quiet and your anger will fade away.

Loss of libido:
libido is a component of the human procreational program, which is obviously suppressed if we feel under attack.  Remove the emotional or physical danger from your life and you libido will be restored.

To recap

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

 Anxiety is NOT a random, unknown, or uncontrollable disease or illness that you develop, inherit, or contract. Anxiety is the BYPRODUCT of unfulfilled emotional needs, unmanaged thoughts and emotions,  Adult Emotional Dependency (AED),  and/or psychological traumas. Anxiety should be experienced ONLY in rear occasions. Frequent or chronic anxiety  is UNNATURAL and can be cleared with Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® in just a few weeks.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method  is a mind-healing and training program developed to fulfill the natural needs of the mind. The method helps reset emotional unbalances, clear confusion, resolve traumas,  manage thoughts and emotions,  and terminate the devastating Adult Emotional Dependency (AED). Thus, redirecting the undistracted brain's resources to emotional freedom, high-performance, confidence, leadership, creativity and happiness. Read more...

CognitiveOS Hypnosis®

 In the last 25 years, Bosurgi Mind Fitness Method® has helped thousands to embrace their natural ability to succeed, find happiness, and enjoy anxiety-free lives (see testimonials). To explore this program further, please schedule your free, no commitment consultation  with Luca Bosurgi . Click here to schedule your free consultation.

The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous!

“The work my boyfriend and I are doing with Luca has truly been miraculous. Our similar survival instincts and co-dependency behavior traits were threatening to tear us apart. These sessions have brought us closer together and opened us up to communicating in a healthy and positive way. I am forever grateful and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to cut the umbilical cord of past triggers and find their true self. Embarking on the journey of the Mind Fitness is a must for everyone! Thanks Luca! ” Pepper Carlson – TV Shows Producer.