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All modalities classes fee in person or via Zoom with the exclusion of the Bosurgi mind Fitness™ program.

Single classe $15

3 Classes Pkg $42 ($14 each)

5 Classes Pkg $65 ($13 each)

10 Classes Pkg $120 (12 each)

20 Classes Pkg  $200 (10 each)  includes a Mind Fitness Yoga Full Length Matt.

Bosurgi Mind Fitness™ Program Fees

Enrollment Fee $20 -  You will receive Luca's Book 'Captain You- A course In Emotional Self-Reliance' and the Mind Fitness Self-Assessment 1st level journal.

Single session $25

3 Sessions Pkg. $72 ($24 each)

5 Sessions Pkg. $115 ($23 each)

10 Sessions Pkg. $220 (22 each)  includes a Mind Fitness Yoga Full Length Matt..

20+1 Classes Pkg.  $400 (19 each) includes a Free Class and a Mind Fitness Yoga Full Length Matt.

Level Certification $20 - You will receive a Level Completion Certificate and the next level Mind Fitness Self-Assessment journal.

Mind Fitness Yoga Full Length Matt $20

The Events, Workshops and Lectures fee will be disclosed in the even't program

Packages can be purchase from the hereafter scheduler,  or from the TeamUp app, or from the Mind Fitness/TeamUp website or directly at the Mind Fitness Inc space, ask for Angelica.